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Milen Ivanov, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor at Brown University



I graduated recently from the Brown University Mathematics Department with academic advisor Prof. Björn Sandstede. My research focus is on the interface between partial differential equations and dynamical systems. In particular, in my PhD dissertation, available here, I study spiral patterns in reaction-diffusion systems via spatial dynamics methods. the poster below gives a brief overview of my work. 

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As a Dean's Faculty Fellow at Brown University, I am co-teaching Ordinary Differential Equations. Also, I have been an instructor in calculus 2,3 and linear algebra, and I have been a teaching assistant in calculus 1-3. 

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Mapping the Early American Foreign Service 

Together with my collaborators, Simeon Simeonov and Cyrus Peterpaul, we work on creating, updating and analyzing the available data on the diplomatic relations of the United States. So far, my focus has been on converting an existing compilation of US diplomatic officers (consuls, ambassadors, commercial agents etc.) to a machine-readable format and then analyzing the approximately 3 700 records. The most up to date information about the project can be found here.

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